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Why Non Organic Food is Bad For Your Health

Why Non Organic Food is Bad For Your Health

I have been writing about the advantages of consuming natural meals for months. I’ve centered on why this meals is so important to wholesome dwelling and the way it makes us sparkle inside and outside. One factor I have not centered on is why your on a regular basis non-organic meals is so BAD for our well being. I made a decision to go surfing and take a look at the components that may be discovered within the meals that many individuals devour each day. It’s extra vital than you suppose to learn the components which are in your meals. Likelihood is if you cannot learn the label, you most likely should not eat it. Right here some are examples of in style meals and merchandise together with their shocking components. That is certain to make even the largest skeptics suppose extra about switching to pure natural meals. Bear in mind, you may really feel comfy that the meals you’re consuming is secure once you swap to natural and you do not want a chemistry course to translate the components!

Gum, On the spot Espresso, Tea, Pudding, Gelatin Desserts, Non-Dairy Creamers

All the above might include an additive often known as acesulfame Okay that triggered most cancers in laboratory animal testing. That is a synthetic sweetener that’s higher often known as “Candy-One” or “Sunette”. Aspartame has additionally been recognized to trigger psychological retardation if the phenylalanine reaches a poisonous stage within the blood.

Bread, Canned/Bottled Drinks, Crackers, Cereal, Butter, Potato Flakes, Shortening, Seasonings, Soup Bases, Sweet, Pet Meals, Baked Items and way more…

The above include BHT and BHA, antioxidant chemical substances which are used as preservatives in meals containing fat and oils. They preserve the fats from oxidizing and turning rancid. These chemical substances might contribute to the event of most cancers. The Worldwide Company for Analysis on Most cancers and the state of California have publicly acknowledged BHA as a possible carcinogen.


Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate are present in meat to protect freshness. Meat containing these chemical substances is usually a enormous contributor to sickness when cooked at excessive temperatures. Nitrate coverts to nitrite that in flip transforms into nitrosamines when it fuses with different compounds beneath excessive warmth and this will trigger most cancers.

Chips and different snack meals: Jif Peanut Butter, Tide Detergent, Crest Toothpaste, Folgers Espresso

All the time examine the components! Olestra will be discovered within the meals and merchandise above. Would you leap off a cliff if your pals advised you to? Then you definately must also say no in the event that they give you something containing Olestra. This disgusting additive is used as a fats substitute and is horrible in your well being. It causes diarrhea as a result of it sticks itself to the entire important nutritional vitamins and minerals in your physique which are used to assist defend you from most cancers, coronary heart illness and blindness. As soon as it has clung itself to your very important vitamins, it flushes them out. As if this isn’t sufficient, Olestra is the present that retains on giving because it additionally inhibits your physique’s capacity to soak up extra nutritional vitamins. Discuss getting your self malnourished over evening!

Fruits and Greens, Juice, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Meat together with hen, beef and pork

I am unable to stress sufficient how vital it’s to purchase natural produce to keep away from pesticides. Pesticides construct up in your system and are poisonous. They stop your physique from releasing waste and block the absorption of vitamins. Many say that there might presumably be a hyperlink between pesticides and the elevated instances of autism which have occurred over previous few years.

Quorn-Model and Some Different Meat Substitutes:

This product accommodates mycoprotein, which will sound wholesome nevertheless it’s not. It’s mould. That is proper, mould with added chemical substances to make it look and style like meat! The creators declare that it’s a mushroom product however in actual fact it is mould that’s grown in massive tanks of liquid. They glamorize it slightly stating that it undergoes “fermentation”. Severely, who of their proper thoughts would even take into account turning this fowl product into “meals”, by no means thoughts promote it for a revenue? If you’d like actual protein with out the meat, natural beans are an effective way to go. There’s a enormous selection and many alternative methods to organize them.


I outline soda as liquid trash. Soda might style attention-grabbing, however is it that good that we should always threat our lives to drink it? There’s hardly something pure about it and the high-fructose corn syrup rots our enamel. Many manufacturers of soda include sodium bicarbonate and citric acid (not the pure variety present in fruit, and many others.). These chemical substances collectively can change right into a carcinogen beneath warmth or mild. I feel I am going to persist with water.

I saved the perfect for final…

Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol will be present in…

Cosmetics, Meals Seasonings, Lotions, Hand Sanitizer, Hair Coloration, Therapeutic massage Oils, Hair Gel and Hairspray, Popcorn, Deodorant, Mouthwash, Medication, Lubricants, Child Wipes, Toothpaste, Pet Meals, Salad Dressing, Cake Mixes, Soda, Bitter Cream, and Fats-Free Ice Cream.

These chemical substances contribute to the next:

  • Infertility
  • Delivery Defects
  • Nerve Degeneration
  • Coronary heart Issues
  • Mind, Liver and Kidney Abnormalities
  • Metabolic Issues

Propylene Glycol can be utilized in anti-freeze, digital smoke machines, hydraulic fluid and as a solvent for tablets (most notably Diazepam).

So, why go natural? I feel the query right here is, why not?

Study extra in regards to the worth of natural meals on these tv networks:

  • Meals Revolution on ABC Fridays at 9:00 p.m. EST
  • Future Meals on Planet Inexperienced Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST

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