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Obesity – Toxic Food

Doing a current tally of our quickly disappearing freedoms I obtained to questioning concerning the growing observe within the UK of refusing important medical procedures to people who find themselves deemed too fats. All of us eat and, in keeping with surveys, most of us nonetheless consider to be true that which is offered to us within the mainstream media. It appears hardly truthful then to disclaim a person medical remedy as a result of they’ve turn into overweight, but on the similar time connive within the relentless day by day promotion of merchandise closely laced with hydrogenated fats and different artificial chemical substances, by meals producers and multinational supermarkets.

Their reasoning appears to go one thing like this:

‘We are going to proceed to bombard you with photographs of artificial and unhealthy meals at each alternative and significantly at these instances your unconscious is off guard and at its most susceptible. But when you’ll persist in being brainwashed by the artfully attractive imagery and thoroughly focused soundbites, and permit your self to overindulge in that which we’re, at nice expense, striving to steer you to overindulge in, then we can have no choice however to withdraw your proper to medical remedy regardless of your persevering with obligatory life lengthy contributions’.

Think about for a second in the event you can, an emotionally indifferent psychopath legally empowered to execute advert company executives and meals producers alike until the unadulterated reality is broadcast as a substitute of the standard ‘stunning’ folks selling the standard ‘that is so good for you’ client focused spin.

I believe it might go one thing like this :

‘The image on this packet has been produced in a particular results studio with the help of shaving foam, polystyrene offcuts, color enhanced engine oil and excessive sheen hairspray. Disclaimer : The promotional picture on the packet sleeve shouldn’t be taken as a sign of the contents’.

‘For hygiene functions we will assure the substances have been totally boiled at extraordinarily excessive temperatures for an intensive interval at our purpose-built manufacturing unit thus making certain that texture and any remaining vitamins have been eradicated though we can’t give assurance that each operative can have washed their arms after a go to to the remaining room since we don’t have the employees’.

‘Aspartame : has been added to fulfill the general public’s penchant for a touch of sweetness, to confuse diabetics and those that think about it’ll result in weight reduction. The methanol from aspartame is transformed to formaldehyde after which formic acid. In contrast to pure fruit and alcoholic drinks there is no such thing as a ethanol to counteract this. Continual, low-level publicity to methanol has been seen to trigger coronary heart illness and pancreatic irritation; all the things from weight achieve to seizures, strokes to liver and kidney failure to anti social behaviour and despair. Actually there are over 90 recognized incapacitating situations attributed to common ingestion of aspartame, far too quite a few to checklist on this temporary abstract. However we will let you realize aspartame is a neurotoxin and an excitotoxin. Which is to say it’ll ‘excite’ neural cell exercise to the purpose the place mind cells will self destruct. Over time fewer mind cells and creeping reminiscence loss will depart you at a definite drawback for crucial analysis of future meals advertising and marketing campaigns’.

‘We take this chance to supply a particular tribute to the EU, the FSA and the FDA for his or her mixed efforts in banning the sale of Stevia, a pure, calorie free sweetener with no unwanted effects’, which might have had critical potential to break our revenue margins’.

‘Hydrogenated Oil and Fats : added to create a pleasant really feel and sense of texture. Every batch of hydrogenated oil has its personal traits and we can’t management the result. Inevitably residues will stay within the closing product however we do efficiently take away all traces of Omega 3 and Omega 6 important fatty acids. That is achieved by injecting hydrogen into oil at excessive stress with temperatures reaching 210C within the presence of a carcinogen, often a compound comprising 50 p.c nickel and 50 p.c aluminium, for roughly 6 to eight hours. The resultant malodorous trans fatty glue is then bleached and deodorized and labeled as a plastic’.

‘The human physique doesn’t know what to do with plastic so dumps it wherever there’s a house useful, often alongside artery partitions and across the midriff adjoining to important organs such because the pancreas, considerably hampering the optimum operate of insulin receptors and corrupting a variety of metabolic processes together with these of unborn offspring’.

‘The advantage of this artificial chemical to the revenue margins of meals retailing multinationals in prolonging shelf life can’t be overstated and much outweighs any bothersome disabilities you might expertise’.

‘We work intently with the prescribed drugs who in flip work tirelessly to supply and promote a alternative of ‘corrective’ medicine for every disagreeable or life threatening syndrome you might develop’.

‘This product could comprise traces of insecticide, fungicide and herbicide’.

Good Fantasy whereas it lasted….again to the standard hogwash then.

Source by Elga Mackie

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