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High Protein product launch from Indigo Herbs

Vegetarian protein bowls

Indigo Herbs are happy to launch 2 new product ranges – our Organic Raw Seed and Nut Butters and our Organic Vegan Protein Powders. Each are excessive in protein, and make a superb ingredient selection for vegans, these which might be dairy-free and anybody who needs to concentrate on a food plan wealthy in protein. 

Each ranges at the moment retail on our web site:

Organic Raw Nut & Seed ButtersOrganic Vegan Protein Powders

View our Organic Raw Nut and Seed Butters Range here

View our Organic Protein Powders range here.

Athletes and sports activities fanatics alike are sometimes discovered ingesting a protein shake after a exercise, they perceive that muscular tissues want protein to restore and rebuild, and if that is the plan when understanding and coaching then protein will do the job.

How a lot protein do we want?

Nutrition Facts

The typical male requires 56g of protein per day and feminine 46g. A meals might be classed as excessive in protein if over 20% of the power that meals supplies is delivered as protein.  And that is the case with our 2 new product ranges.

It’s particularly necessary to make sure that kids get sufficient protein since they’re nonetheless growing and it’s needed to make sure their progress is unimpaired. 

Protein Wanted

Age of Youngster


1-3 yrs


4-8 yrs


9-13 yrs


14-18 yrs in women


14-18 yrs in boys

Youngsters who’re lactose illiberal or vegan could also be in danger so searching for different scrumptious appetising sources of excessive protein meals is crucial.

Protein Powders

Hemp Seeds

Firstly we’re actually enthusiastic about our Organic Vegan Protein Powders range, consisting of superfood powders that may simply be added to a pre or publish exercise smoothie. 

Together with protein wealthy Pumpkin, Chia, Pea, Brown Rice, and Hemp, these tremendous nutritious meals have been cleverly processed to extract the protein from the plant (a lot of the fats, fibre and bulk have been eliminated).  The powders that stay after processing are very tremendous, with in some circumstances as a lot as 60% pure protein.

In addition to mixing right into a smoothie or ‘milk’ shake (utilizing plant milk akin to soya, almond, hemp, coconut or oat) , the powders may exchange (or partly exchange) flour in a recipe, akin to pancakes or sauces.

Moreover the 2 blue-green algae super-greens – Spirulina and Chlorella powder full this excessive in protein powder vary, as these full meals present over 55% protein.

Nut and Seed Butters

Nuts & Seeds

Secondly we’re delighted to be launching our vary of Organic Raw Nut and Seed Butters, comprised of the best pure components. While being totally scrumptious the natural nuts and seeds in these extremely nutritious butters haven’t been roasted or warmth handled throughout manufacture. Because of this all the vitamins naturally occurring in these nuts and seeds stay totally intact and the oils are ample with unspoilt omega-oils.

Maintaining components uncooked and unheated is on the slicing fringe of meals manufacture and it’s thought to protect and never destroy a considerable quantity of the obtainable vitamins in these meals, and is extremely type after by these searching for optimum diet of their meals. There are not any added components in these butters, they’re 100% free from added sugar, salt or palm oil.

Together with Natural Almond, Hemp, Pumpkin, Black and White Sesame and Walnut this butters vary will likely be irresistible for the peanut butter lovers amongst us. The butters can be utilized in recipes to make cookies, flapjacks, curries, stir-frys and even added to smoothies (to maintain the urge for food for longer) and naturally the previous favorite, they’re scrumptious and a bit completely different on toast or crackers. This vary constantly gives a wealthy supply of protein and makes a superb selection for these searching for excessive protein, excessive power, tremendous nutritious meals options.

So Why Ought to I be consuming a meals that’s excessive in protein?

Proteins are a gaggle of compounds that are current in each residing cell, organ and tissue of the physique.  Which means “first” or “of prime significance” in Greek, proteins take part in each mobile course of occurring within the physique. 

Proteins are made up of buildings referred to as amino acids, there are a complete of 20 amino acids, some important, some nonessential – it’s essential to devour within the meals you eat the important amino acids as a result of your physique can not make them. 

What protein does for the physique

Dietary protein helps bone well being by supplying the uncooked materials required to assemble smooth bone matrix and by selling muscle progress and retention.  Protein additionally performs an necessary position in muscle contraction and coordination, it’s current within the muscle tissues within the type of many microfilaments and it supplies muscle construction.  Muscle progress relies upon on the adequacy of proteins within the physique.  Proteins perform as constructing blocks for muscular tissues, bones and cartilage.

Nutritionists advise choosing a wide range of complete meals to fulfill your protein wants together with eggs, dairy, seeds, beans and nuts.

Each of our excessive protein ranges at the moment retail on our web site:

View our Organic Raw Nut and Seed butters range here

View our Organic Protein Powders Range here.


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