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What Are Sea Greens?

Sea greens are the assorted types of sea algae and weeds with out stems or leaves that reside within the sea or brackish water. They’ve been appreciated for his or her many useful vitamins for hundreds of years and had been utilized in historic China and Egypt, and are talked about in Ayurvedic medicinal texts.

Dietary Advantages from the Sea

Sea greens have naturally occurring minerals, which fluctuate based mostly on the number of the plant. Many are wealthy in iodine, iron, and different important nutritional vitamins, making them a few of nature’s most nutritious meals!

Sea Greens from BareOrganics & BIOVEA

BIOVEA is proud to promote BareOrganics products, which characteristic an array of nutritious sea vegetable powders so as to add a touch of sea-nutrition to your favourite recipes, together with:


Chlorella is among the few edible water-grown algae, and an in depth cousin to the nutritious algae spirulina. Skinny cell wall chlorella is a pressure of chlorella that permits straightforward digestion for max nutrient absorption.

BareOrganics chlorella is grown in stainless-steel tanks that shield the powder from poisonous substances and ensures a greater tasting product. Chlorella is wealthy in vitamin A, biotin, and energizing vitamin B12.

Irish Moss

Irish moss grows in chilly, Irish waters. Natural Irish Moss is a wealthy supply of Iodine, a vital mineral that helps thyroid well being and regular metabolism.

It’s a wonderful supply of iron and an excellent supply of calcium for bone well being. Organic Irish moss is thought by many alternative names—pearl moss and carrageen—however its repute as an general well being promoter is well-known.

Sea vegetables


Spirulina is a nutrient-rich blue-green algae that grows in heat lakes. It might be one of many oldest vegetation on Earth and was most certainly used as a meals supply by historic peoples of their on a regular basis diets way back. Spirulina is a wealthy supply of iron and accommodates different important vitamins reminiscent of magnesium and protein. This dietary profile makes spirulina a brilliant inexperienced that’s right here to remain.

Marine Tremendous Greens

Marine Super Greens presents the perfect of the ocean with natural kelp, chlorella and spirulina. These tremendous greens are species of micro algae or seaweed that comprise important nutritional vitamins and minerals to assist pure power and vitality in addition to present an excellent supply of iron.

You will discover these and different BareOrganics products at BIOVEA.com.

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