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Fat Loss Is NOT The Same As Weight Loss

Whenever you embark on a weight reduction weight loss program one thing unusual occurs. Your physique isn’t completely joyful to shed its fats. As a substitute you begin to lose lean tissue corresponding to muscle and bone density.

A analysis research carried out in Denmark, and reported within the American Journal of Scientific Diet in Could 2002 discovered that when males dieted lower than 60% of the burden misplaced was fats. The remainder was lean tissues. When males regained weight solely 24% of the burden they put again on was lean tissue – over 75% of the burden regained after weight reduction was extra fats. Meaning for individuals who yo-yo weight loss program – dwelling in a cycle of dropping pounds and placing it again on once more – the lean tissues of their physique are progressively being changed by fats.

The identical analysis confirmed that the image for girls is even worse! Throughout the weight loss program 35% of the burden misplaced was lean tissue – initially lower than for males. BUT on regaining weight solely 15% was lean tissue. When girls misplaced after which regained weight, lean tissue was not sufficiently restored – 85% of the burden regained was fats!

Do you discover this shocking? I need to say that after I first got here nose to nose with this info I used to be astounded. A lot in order that I made a decision to test it out with a person who would possibly be capable of inform me simply how troublesome it’s to keep up muscle, and the way simply lean tissue might be misplaced. That man is an completed physique builder: Stuart Garrington. Mr. World 2012. Present reigning Mr. Britain, and making ready for the Mr. Universe competitors in October this 12 months.

Stuart tells me {that a} prime notch physique builder will in all probability be capable of acquire a most of 8lbs of pure muscle in a 12 months – and that is with all of the coaching, extraordinarily excessive protein weight loss program and creatine dietary supplements that go along with the game. Moreover, if a physique builder takes their eye off the weight loss program, and begins to introduce too many carbohydrates as a substitute of protein, the muscle begins to vanish in a short time – he estimates that it might be straightforward to drop 2 or 3 stones of muscle mass very simply.

Merely – it is onerous work to realize muscle and really straightforward to lose it in case your weight loss program doesn’t positively defend your physique composition.

Physique composition is intrinsically linked with well being. Although analysis scientists reported this in 2002, it lastly hit the mainstream media in 2011, turning into headline information in The Each day Mail. The logical conclusion is that diets that do not defend your physique composition do injury your well being!

What’s extremely disappointing is that previously decade (and extra) for the reason that details emerged, the meals and weight loss program industries at giant have failed to reply, and proceed to perpetuate the identical misguided messages and promote the identical merchandise. Which means that you proceed to lose lean tissues as a substitute of fats, and danger your well being.

Each day Mail on opposed results of weight reduction diets on well being article right here:

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