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With an abundance of wealthy wildlife, South America is without doubt one of the most bio-diverse continents on the planet. From the dizzy heights of the Andes mountain vary to the guts of the Amazonian rainforest, South America is residence to a few of the strongest therapeutic herbs on the planet.Indigenous Katukinas

Advanced to swimsuit each sort of terrain and local weather, South American herbs have many huge and various makes use of. The indigenous peoples and tribal shamans demonstrated pharmacological genius manner earlier than the appearance of contemporary science, with their deep data and understanding of those valuable crops.

These days we are able to check for sure phytonutrients to attempt to work out what makes these herbs so efficient. Nonetheless, it appears that evidently Mom Nature is aware of finest, imparting each the bodily and energetic properties of her crops to result in holistic therapeutic. Scientists and medical researchers have tried to isolate the sure compounds considered accountable the particular motion of a herb, and plenty of occasions they’ve failed to duplicate the consequences of the total spectrum herb.

Recognising the efficiency and plenty of advantages of full spectrum plant medication, Indigo Herbs have procured a few of the most interesting South American herbs from sustainable farming practices which might be dedicated to having a minimal affect on the surroundings.

On this article we want to showcase our 4 most up-to-date additions to our assortment of South American herbs.

Quebra Pedra

Quebra PedraThe Spanish identify for this herb is “Chanca Piedra” which accurately interprets as “shatter stone” or “stone breaker”, alluding to its conventional use to assist the elimination of kidney and gallstones.

This elegant, slender stemmed herb grows abundantly within the Amazon rainforest and different tropical components of the world. It has been historically used for millennia to assist the wholesome functioning of the kidneys and gallbladder, most famously to rid the physique of kidney and gallstones.

Quebra Pedra comprises highly effective plant alkaloids that impede the clumping collectively of calcium oxalate crystals, the most typical reason behind kidney stones. Consuming this herb will be a wonderful preventative measure for individuals who are prone to this painful situation.

As a pure diuretic, Quebra Pedra not solely will increase the stream of urine, it additionally helps the rid the physique of extra sodium and creatine. Proof means that creatine can contribute to kidney stones in prone people.

The identical alkaloids that assist to stop the clumping collectively of mineral crystals additionally promote rest of the sleek muscle within the urinary and biliary tracts, making the duty of eliminating present stones a lot much less painful.

Though the literal translation of Chanca Piedra is “stone breaker”, it successfully softens each kidney stones and gallstones for straightforward passage out of the physique.

Quebra Pedra additionally protects the liver, promotes wholesome digestion and has anti-fungicidal and anti-viral properties.


GraviolaAlso called soursop, graviola is a scrumptious, tangy fruit that has been used as a nutritious and medicinal meals by the indigenous individuals for hundreds of years. The style is a tasty mixture of strawberry and pineapple with a citrus tang, making it a extremely fascinating fruit to eat.

A lot of the graviola tree is utilised in conventional medication, for instance the leaves are used to make a relaxing tea that additionally works as a ache reliever. The sap of the leaves is utilized topically to advertise the quick therapeutic of wounds and supply reduction from pores and skin circumstances equivalent to eczema. Up to date herbalists suggest the fruit and the leaves of the graviola tree to fight ache, break a fever, kill parasites and relieve respiratory issues.

Graviola has a protracted historical past of use as a potent immune booster. In addition to the fruit containing excessive quantities of immune boosting vitamin C, the leaves of graviola are full of immune boosting phytonutrients. The lively elements in graviola leaf are kaempferol, rutinoside and quercetin-3-O-rutinoside. A 2016 analysis article printed in “Proof-Primarily based Complementary and Various Drugs” reported that, “bioactive properties of graviola point out its potential as a health-promoting ingredient to spice up the immune system.”

Graviola can be a robust antioxidant and anti inflammatory herb, making it a incredible addition to your natural apothecary.


Chuchuhuasi has been identified to the curanderos (healers) of South America for 1000’s of years for its therapeutic properties as a ache reliever, digestive help and a normal tonic for general wellbeing.

Actually translating as “trembling again” as a result of its effectiveness as a treatment for again ache, arthritis and rheumatism, Chuchuasi bark is wealthy in a number of alkaloids, tannins, triterpenes and sesquiterpenes. These highly effective plant compounds act as anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, serving to to alleviate ache and discomfort.

Chuchuhuasi additionally has a protracted historical past of conventional use as an aphrodisiac. To this present day, many Amazonian individuals drink a shot of Chuchuhuasi tonic every morning to advertise stamina, sexual operate and the libido.


Amongst the numerous aphrodisiac herbs of South America, Clavohuasca each figuratively and bodily towers above all of them! This enormous and sprawling Amazonian vine is thought to achieve as much as 80 metres in top, offering the indigenous individuals with an abundance of plant materials to reap.

As an aphrodisiac, Clavohuasca is used to create ardour and efficiency for each women and men. In conventional folks medication it’s also used as a treatment for frigidity and erectile dysfunction. It’s thought that Clavohuasca’s libido enhancing results could also be partly concerned with the neurotransmitters accountable for the sleek muscle rest of the “corpus cavernosum” – both of two lots of erectile tissue forming the majority of the penis and the clitoris.

Though most well-known for its aphrodisiac qualities, Clavohuasca can be used to alleviate ache and as a digestive tonic.

We hope you’ll benefit from the therapeutic advantages of those fabulous additions to our “Natural Apothecary”!

4,000 Years of Drugs

2000 BC: Right here, eat this root

1000 AD: That root is heathen! Right here, say this prayer

1865 AD: That prayer is superstition! Right here, drink this potion

1935 AD: That potion is snake oil! Right here, take this antibiotic

2020 AD: That antibiotic is poison! Right here, eat this root

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