Chocolate – A Food of the Gods?

Chocolate cacao beans

The Cacao bean is indigenous to South America and has at all times been considered a meals of the gods. The Mayan God – Ek Chuah presided over this sacred bean and it’s thought that both the Olmecs or Mayans first cultivated the primary Cacao timber from the wild plant round 1000 B.C.

The Theobroma Cacao bean was maybe fermented, sundried or roasted and floor after which mixed with aromatics, vanilla, wild honey and chilli to create a bitter drink they referred to as chocolatl. This was certainly a luxurious and a sacrament and it was drunk primarily by the Mayan and Aztec the Aristocracy and priest caste. It was a prized and uncommon commodity so this result in the cacao beans additionally performing as foreign money.

In 1528 the spanish explorer and conqueror Cortes introduced chocolate to europe. When his military reached the Aztec metropolis of Tenochtitlan, the emperor Montezuma provided him the standard sacrament of chocolatl and Cortes consequently introduced the cacao bean to europe the place it rapidly unfold, sugar was added and the drink grew to become immensely common with european the Aristocracy. By the mid-1800s darkish chocolate had been made right into a stable bar, adopted by the swiss creating milk chocolate and the belgians creating chocolate truffles. In 1753 Carl von Linnaeus, the 18th-century swedish scientist, thought that cacao was so vital that he named the genus and species of this tree himself. He named this tree: Theobroma cacao, which accurately means “cacao, the meals of the gods.”

“Each examine on chocolate is pointing to the identical conclusion: there’s something in chocolate that’s actually good for us. That one thing is the uncooked cacao bean, the nut that each one chocolate is produced from. The cacao bean has at all times been and can at all times be Nature’s no 1 weight reduction and high-energy meals. Cacao beans are in all probability the very best stored secret in all the historical past of meals.”

– David Wolfe, co-author of Bare Chocolate: The Astonishing Fact In regards to the World’s Biggest Meals.

Cacao beans

So what does the Cacao Bean comprise that makes it so particular?

·         The cacao bean is likely one of the richest sources of magnesium – the mind, coronary heart and muscle mineral. Magnesium is thought to extend the general vigour of the guts muscle and decrease blood strain which helps the guts pump extra successfully, lowering the chance of blood clots and strokes. Magnesium balances mind chemistry and will increase brainpower; and it additionally helps to create robust bowel actions, cut back menstrual cramping, calm down muscle tissues, enhance flexibility, construct robust bones and enhance alkalinity inside the physique. On this method Cacao can mend a damaged coronary heart, soothe a girl’s menstrual ache, assist an athlete attain their private finest and focus the thoughts for creativity.

·         Cacao accommodates monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors (MAO inhibitors) These uncommon MAO inhibitors that allow extra serotonin and different neurotransmitters to flow into within the mind. Serotonin may be very uplifting to the temper and identified to be one of many feel-good mind chemical compounds.

·         One other neurotransmitter referred to as anandamide is present in cacao. Like serotonin, anandamide can be produced naturally within the mind. Anandamide is called the bliss chemical as a result of it’s launched whereas we’re feeling nice.

·         Cacao accommodates the alkaloid theobromine that’s just like caffeine, nevertheless it has much less impression on the central nervous system and is as a substitute stimulating to the guts. This compound contributes to cacao’s popularity as an aphrodisiac.

·         Phenylethylamine (PEA) can be present in cacao that has not been warmth handled. PEA is an adrenal-related chemical that can be created inside the mind and launched after we are in love. This is likely one of the explanation why love and chocolate have a deep affiliation. PEA additionally performs a task in rising focus and application.

·         Cacao additionally has extra anti-oxidants and phenolic phytochemicals than inexperienced tea and purple wine, it accommodates omega-6 important fatty acid when not warmth handled and it’s excessive in vitamin C, calcium and iron.

This dietary profile has led to the cacao bean getting used for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years. Not solely is it stimulating and uplifting and identified for triggering a feel-good feeling, additionally it is regarded as good for the physique when eaten commonly contributing to longevity, wellbeing and prevention of sickness. Little question that these are the qualities that lead the Mayans and Aztecs to consider that Cacao was a meals despatched from the gods.

There are many methods you may embrace Cacao in your each day weight loss plan – you may simply crunch on a couple of uncooked cacao beans as a snack or take advantage of scrumptious pure darkish chocolate bars. You may as well get pleasure from including cacao components to smoothies, pancakes, vitality bars and sizzling chocolate. Right here we’re going to have a look at learn how to make a practice sacred chocolatl drink and learn how to make the purest darkest chocolate bars however for extra recipe concepts and inspiration head on over to browse our Chocolate recipe collection.

How one can make a cacao drink as a sacred coronary heart medication:

This recipe makes use of Natural Cacao Paste, to make the paste the cacao beans are harvested, and left to ferment in packing containers for a couple of days, then they’re laid on trays and sundried. Subsequent the shells are eliminated and the nibs are retained, then the nibs are then milled till they flip into Cacao paste. The recent chocolate might be fairly just like the Mesoamerican chocolatl, nevertheless it has been sweetened to swimsuit the western style buds.

1 tablespoon of Organic Cacao Paste (Finely chopped)
1 cup of Water
2 teaspoons of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar or Honey
Will also be added: Chilli, CardamonCinnamon, Himalayan Crystal salt, Black pepper.

Boil the water and add the sweetener & different spices then permit it to chill (the water mustn’t be too sizzling when the Cacao is submerged as it might destroy a number of the phyo-nutrients)
Give it a few minutes then add the finely chopped cacao paste and whisk vigourously for a few minutes.

Cacao Drink

How one can make pure darkish nutritious chocolate

Making pure darkish chocolate at residence from unprocessed natural cacao components is a good way to ingest all of the dietary goodness that cacao gives. Making tremendous nutritious chocolate bars is absolutely really easy and includes combining Cacao powder, Cacao butter and a pure sweetener of some form. Then you may permit your creativity to run wild by including dried fruit, nuts, seeds or superfoods. This chocolate is vegan and gluten-free.



  • Boil up a pan of water & take away from warmth
  • Choose a glass bowl that balances securely over the pan
  • Add the Cacao Butter and soften till the final of the solids have disappeared.
  • Add the Vanilla and stir into the melted Cacao Butter.
  • Add within the Cacao Powder and blend till the consistency clean.(preserve striring and lumps will dissolve)
  • Add within the Agave and blend till all components are fully blended collectively.
  • Pour out the molten Chocolate into moulds and permit to set.(put them within the freezer for 20 minutes)
  • Come out your Goodies and share

Pure Chocolates


To get you going as a bonifide chocolatier we now have created this straightforward to make chocolate package. This Organic Chocolate Starter Kit consists of all the pieces it is advisable make the purest darkish chocolate with nothing added. The package consists of: Natural Cacao Powder, Natural Cacao Butter, Natural Uncooked Agave Syrup and Natural Uncooked Vanilla Powder. It additionally consists of straightforward to observe recipe & directions and it is available in two totally different sizes: 

Small package 300g makes about 20 small bars RRP £12.99  
Giant package 750g makes about 45 small bars. RRP £23.99

Starter Chocolate Kit

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