Anti-Aging – Top Hacks for Longevity – Part 2

Fullerene c60 molecule structure

C60 – Carbon 60

At across the identical time Indigo Herbs founder and director Steve Mckewon started his analysis into longevity, a brand new product was inflicting a stir in leading edge well being circles. C60 or Carbon 60 suspended in olive oil was breaking onto the market, with a lot being written in varied boards and web sites concerning the many advantages of this outstanding substance.

The C60 molecule was found in 1985 by a bunch of scientists who named it “buckminsterfullerene”, (also referred to as “buckyball”). They remoted the atom clusters now generally known as C60 as a result of it being comprised of 60 carbon atoms. It resembles as hole soccer and is the one molecule of a single ingredient to type a spherical cage. The C60 molecule is the topic of a lot analysis as a result of its distinctive construction and unparalleled physiochemical properties.

From round 1993, quite a few research on the newly found C60 molecule have been displaying all types of thrilling issues. For instance, within the now notorious “Baati Rat Research”, rats who got C60 suspended in olive oil had a rise in life expectancy of 90 %.

A complete overview of C60 could be seen here, nonetheless, it’s its anti-aging prospects which can be the main target of this text.

Tremendous Antioxidant

Oxidative stress happens when there’s an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals within the physique. If the antioxidant standing is low, free radicals can wreak havoc, inflicting harm to tissues and cells, thus accelerating getting old.

Free radicals are molecules with a number of unpaired electron. Oxygen within the physique splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons. Electrons prefer to be in pairs, so these atoms, known as free radicals, scavenge the physique to hunt out different electrons to allow them to develop into a pair. It’s this that causes harm to cells, proteins and DNA.

Antioxidants neutralise free radicals by donating an electron, defending the physique from the oxidative stress that damages cells and might trigger untimely getting old.

C60 is probably one of the highly effective antioxidants identified. It’s the oil during which the C60 is suspended that permits it to take a seat within the lipid bilayers of the cell partitions, the place it is ready to repeatedly neutralise the free radicals that attain the cells or mitochondria. The magic of C60 is its skill to just accept and donate electrons with out being rendered inactive, in contrast to conventional antioxidants which develop into inactive after neutralising a free radical.

Telomeres and Mobile Getting older

Human chromosomeThe phenomenon of mobile getting old was first famous by Professor Lenhard Hayflick in 1961. He found that cells can’t divide past a particular variety of instances. That is known as the “Hayflick Restrict”. Cells reaching this restrict develop into outdated. Though Professor Hayflick found this vital scientific precept, he had no concept what triggered it.

It took virtually 30 extra years earlier than the function telomeres play in mobile getting old was lastly understood. In 1990, Calvin Harley at McMaster College in Canada and Carol Greider at Chilly Spring Harbor Laboratory within the USA, found that telomere shortening goes hand-in-hand with the getting old course of and is the direct reason behind cells reaching the Hayflick Restrict.

Telomeres haven’t any genetic operate; they’re merely stretches of DNA (repeats of base pairs) that defend the remainder of the chromosome. These little bits of DNA are essential to wholesome cell operate and have been likened to the plastic recommendations on shoelaces as a result of they stop the chromosome from fraying.

Telomeres develop into progressively shorter every time the cell divides. Once they get too brief, cells attain replicative senescence and might now not divide. The consequence could be the varied circumstances related to outdated age.

Scientists have solely lately begun to know the essential significance of shortened telomeres. Analysis has proven that folks over 60 who’ve lengthy telomeres expertise larger coronary heart and immune system well being than their age-matched counterparts with shorter telomeres. Thus, it’s changing into well-understood that sustaining telomere size is stopping age-related decline.

While peer reviewed scientific analysis has but to be undertaken, Ken Schwartz, a scientist who based the American firm “C60 Purple Energy”, has been testing topics who’ve been taking C60 for 2 years or extra. He theorises that, “C60 awakens the mitochondria and triggers apoptosis in senescent cells after which alerts the stem cell to start changing misplaced cells. Stem cells are drastically stimulated by C60 and since C60 will increase sign readability by eliminating the oxidative burden, molecules can talk clearly with out being degraded by oxidative radicals.” Ken defined that as an end result of this course of, telomeres in all probability develop into longer.

Steve’s Expertise of C60

Intrigued by C60, Steve ordered some from the USA (at the moment it was solely out there from the States) and started to experiment on himself. Initially taking it internally, he instantly felt a rise in power ranges and total bodily and psychological well-being was enhanced. He started so as to add C60 to do-it-yourself skincare merchandise and making use of it to his bald patch. To his (and his barber’s) shock, his hair started to develop again. His pores and skin additionally confirmed indicators of scars fading and it began to regain its elasticity.

Steve's hair re growth February 2019 - 2020

Japanese research with C60 discovered that when C60 fullerenes have been added to skincare merchandise, a major lower in wrinkles occurred. Additionally they discovered it contributed to a discount in pimples pimples.

With this analysis in thoughts, Steve determined to create his personal pores and skin cream which you’ll attempt for your self right here:

Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipe with Cacao and Coconut

The identical Japanese research experimented with haircare merchandise and reported that after 6 months of utilizing a tonic containing 2 % C60 fullerenes, the hair progress charge of take a look at topics grew to become 16 % sooner.

After taking the advisable dose of C60 for the primary yr, he determined to up the dose. He now takes 4 ml C60 in Coconut Oil each day and feels much more advantages. These embrace:

  • Extra power and feeling stronger when exercising
  • An total enhance in stamina
  • Outdated scars beginning to fade and heal
  • Gray hairs on head and physique are turning darker – beard is now “salt and pepper” whereas it was totally gray earlier than
  • Stronger immune system – staying effectively when others within the household are down with viruses

These outstanding outcomes led Steve to supply C60 to make it out there and reasonably priced to Indigo Herbs clients. He succeeded to find probably the greatest suppliers within the trade and have become the primary to deliver C60 to the market within the UK.


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