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Anti-Aging – Top Hacks for Longevity – Part 1


As his fiftieth birthday loomed on the horizon, Indigo Herbs founder and director Steve Mckewon felt that he had reached a turning level in his life. Having headed up a herbs and superfoods firm for the final 15 years, he determined that it was time to actually step up and put to higher use all the data and therapeutic crops that have been at his fingertips. He felt that there have to be a strategy to decelerate, if not flip again the growing old clock.

That was 2 years in the past, with this sequence of articles being written to comply with Steve’s journey, the protocols he has efficiently used and what he has completed to this point. Utilizing a mixture of fasting, food plan, pure skincare, herbs, superfoods and cutting-edge merchandise on the planet of pure well being, Steve needed to share together with his Indigo clients the discoveries and subsequent outcomes he has achieved.

Eating regimenVegetables Juices

The very first thing that wanted to be addressed was food plan. Feeling that this space of his life had declined, Steve determined to reboot his intestine and digestive system with a juice cleanse, liver cleanse and a sequence of colonic irrigations. This additionally had a robust cleansing impact, so care needed to be taken to assist the physique because it ridded itself of undesirable toxins.

The juice cleanse entailed 6 days with none stable meals, consisting of home made vegetable juices with additional cleaning drinks. Two colonic hydrotherapy periods have been included, alongside a liver cleanse that aimed to launch unhealthy fat and a build-up of gallstones from the liver. You may learn an in depth account of the cleanse here.

Already following a vegan food plan, Steve adopted up the cleanse by 1 month of consuming very mild meals then repeated the method.

He now follows a 98 p.c vegan food plan which is supplemented by vitamin B12. Every single day he drinks at the very least 2 litres of recent, clear water and 4 instances per week he substitutes lunch for a super-smoothie:

Steve’s Super Smoothie Recipe

After the cleanse, Steve discovered he had a renewed sense of vigour, a optimistic way of thinking and boundless vitality, enabling him to give attention to train and a greater healthcare routine. Eliminating compounds that stress the physique and changing them with wholesome vitamin and therapeutic herbs had allowed Steve to regain focus and retain a transparent head.

Consuming Your Method to Longevity?

Ridding the food plan of processed meals and their addictive chemical compounds has been discovered to have a fantastic influence on the growing old course of. Moreover, there are numerous research confirming the sturdy hyperlink between food plan and longevity.

Telomeres (which we go into in additional element within the subsequent instalment of this weblog sequence), are regarded as key within the growing old course of. They shield the DNA by performing as buffers on the finish of chromosomes.

In 2009, the scientist Elizabeth Blackburn was awarded the Nobel Prize for her discovery of telomerase in 1984. Heralding a ground-breaking new age of thrilling discoveries within the fields of longevity and anti-aging, telomerase is an enzyme that rebuilds telomeres and retains DNA from fraying.

A number of research have since been carried out, discovering {that a} plant-based food plan wealthy in carotenoids can stimulate telomerase exercise and is positively correlated to longer telomeres. Carotenoids are the natural, brightly colored pigments that give many vegetables and fruit their vibrant colors.

In 2008, Dr Dean Ornish, a doctor, researcher, and founding father of the “Preventive Medication Analysis Institute” in Sausalito, California, printed a examine in “The Lancet Oncology”. The outcomes confirmed that simply three months of consuming a plant-based food plan considerably boosted telomerase exercise. A comply with up examine, printed in 2013 in the identical journal, famous that telomere size had really elevated within the plant-based food plan group.

One other 2018 examine, printed in “Vitamins”, discovered {that a} nutritious diet characterised by a excessive consumption of fibre – notably the kind of fibre present in plant meals – exerts a protecting position on telomere well being.

Anti-Getting old Advantages of Fasting

Intermittent fastingOne other space attracting consideration on the planet of science-based vitamin is fasting and intermittent fasting to fight the consequences of growing old. One of the frequent types of fasting utilized by biohackers is intermittent fasting, in any other case often called “time restricted consuming”. This methodology of fasting restricts each day calorie consumption (usually decreasing general consumption by 15% – 40%). The calorie allowance is then consumed inside a sure time-frame within the day.

Proof exhibits that the sort of fasting helps cells change into extra resilient to the mobile stress related to growing old. Moreover, it triggers “autophagy”, the self-recycling of mobile waste. As we age, autophagy slows down, reducing the physique’s capability to recycle cells beneath stress. Thus, by fasting and rising autophagy, we will decelerate the growing old course of by maintaining the physique primed to cope with mobile stress.

Extended fasting (lasting over 48 hours), has been proven to stimulate physiological modifications comparable to reversing immunosuppression, decreasing irritation and activating a lot of anti-aging pathways inside the physique.

Different advantages of fasting embody; serving to to construct lean muscle, decrease blood sugar and wholesome weight reduction.

By performing a system re-boot and consuming a 98% natural, plant-based food plan, Steve had laid down a stable basis on which to construct the following part of his anti-aging masterplan!


Subsequent Instalment – Carbon 60 (C60) – The Subsequent Era in Anti-Getting old?

Clear headed and some kilos lighter, the following a part of the journey beckoned for Steve. A interval of intense analysis into anti-aging herbs, superfoods and a not too long ago found pure well being product often called C60, deliver shocking outcomes.







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