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5 Easy Ways to Harness the Power of Chaga!

Chaga Mushroom close up

Known as “The Mushroom of Immortality” by the Siberian Russians, Chaga earns its moniker, “The King of the Medicinal Mushrooms” resulting from it being one of the highly effective antioxidants on the planet! Harnessing the ability of historical bushes, it attracts its vitamins from the internal layers of the bark of the tree which it grows on – usually silver and white birch bushes. 

Chaga is very excessive in a compound referred to as super-oxide dismutase (SOD), that is an enzyme which reduces the harm achieved to cells by “super-oxide”, the commonest free radical within the physique. Research have proven that SOD acts as an antioxidant and anti inflammatory, with researchers now investigating the potential of SOD as an anti-aging therapy as it’s identified that, as we age, SOD ranges drop while free radicals enhance. Naturally synthesised and with a organic energy unmatched, Chaga offers SOD in a extremely bioavailable kind which we will utilise both topically or internally.

Together with most different medicinal mushrooms, Chaga is wealthy in beta-glucans – one of the potent and therapeutic polysaccharides identified. It’s famend for its position in in activating the immune system and lowering the blood sugar of people that have irregular blood sugar peaks.

Chaga for Longevity

There’s a wealthy historical past of human Chaga consumption, stretching again for millennia, particularly in Siberia with legends telling of an incredible birch fungus with miraculous well being properties. Accounts date again as far a 1000 BCE in Conventional Chinese language Drugs, with it getting used to steadiness the physique’s life pressure or “Chi” power and to spice up the immune system.

The Siberians used it to spice up bodily stamina and attain an extended life – it has been famous by up to date Russians that within the districts the place Chaga was used, there was no most cancers.  In their shut neighbours the Inuits (who didn’t use Chaga), it’s attention-grabbing to notice that the typical life span of the Inuit was 40 – 50 years in distinction to the individuals from Siberian tribes who often lived to be 90 – 110 years outdated!

If you want to harness the ability of Chaga, listed below are 5 simple methods to incorporate this miracle mushroom in your food regimen:-

#1.  Chaga Tea

That is achieved utilizing Chaga Chunks, merely chop up some chunks and simmer in pure water for at the least one hour, the longer you’ll be able to depart it brewing the higher. The recommendation from a number of the specialists in Siberia is that it shouldn’t be heated to greater than between 150 – 180F (65 – 82C) as that is the temperature you’re going to get all the advantages with out destroying the proteins, enzymes and sterols. To acquire the outcomes achieved by the Indigenous Siberians, it is suggested that you just eat it each day as they did.

Merely add your favorite “Chai” spices to show your tea into Chaga Chai.

#2.  Chaga Soup

Soup Collage

Utilizing strongly brewed Chaga tea as a soup inventory will take your mushroom soup to a complete new well being stage! For those who use a mix of medicinal mushrooms resembling shiitake and reishi in your soup you should have a critically highly effective concoction in your fingers that can be filling and scrumptious. Take a look at the recipe right here:

Chaga Wild Mushroom Soup Recipe

#3.  Chaga Sizzling Chocolate

Filled with “Mushroom Diet” and offering a myriad of well being advantages, our Chaga Sizzling Chocolate recipe not solely incorporates Chaga however combines it with 4 different mushroom powders. Add within the Natural Pure Cacao Powder and this makes for a potent cocktail – very best within the night as you loosen up and unwind.  Take a look at our recipe right here:

Chaga Mushroom Chocolate Toddy Recipe

#4. Chaga Mushroom Fudge

Chaga Fudge Collage

One other scrumptious approach to benefit from the energy of Chaga is to include it into chocolate or fudge recipes, it is wealthy, deep flavour makes it an ideal accompaniment to pure chocolate – each Chaga and Cacao are well-known for his or her dense focus of phytonutrients – what higher means than to marry the 2 collectively on this scrumptious fudge recipe:

Coconut Chaga Mushroom Fudge Recipe

#5.  Chaga Mushroom Smoothie

Final however not least, you’ll be able to incorporate Chaga into your each day smoothie. It really works very well with berries, nuts and chocolate/cacao – we put collectively this Chaga powered smoothie to get you began!

Chaga Choconut Smoothie Recipe

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